Our server will be launched soon!

Dear members of the Tropical Island Roleplay SA-MP Community.
We are pleased to announce that our server, will be open for public again soon.
Our public server launch will be on 09-09-2018 00:00h GMT. Make sure you’ll be there!
On behalf of the entire community, we would ask you to invite your friends to our discord.
With more members we can have more players online upon launch, making the experience great.
Aside of that we would like to hear, what you would like to see upon our public server launch.
A great first-impression is important to us, you can use the link below to share your ideas.

Of course community wasn’t closed without a good reason, we did perform a lot of work for it.
We are proud of the result of our redevelopment, and would like to show it to a lot of peoples.
Therefore we do really appreciate it, if you invite some of your friends to our Discord channel.
Thanks in advance for your support in our community, we couldn’t make it this far without you.

In order to share your ideas for the launch you can click on this text.
Discord-Invite link to give to your friends: https://invite.gg/roleplayisland