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Temporary closed for development.

Dear members of the Tropical Island Roleplay SA-MP community.
Due to the map update and the required development time to constitute the script.
We are forced to keep the server closed for public for a couple of weeks/months.
This must be done to avoid glitching account-files by mismatches due to errors.
Updating will take some time, but we will open the server as soon as we can.

Our apologies for the miscomfort.

Server updated to SA-MP 0.3.DL.

Dear members of the Tropical Island Roleplay SA-MP community.
Whenever we will update the island map, we do overstep the objects limit of 1,000 objects.
Therefore we are forced to update the server to SA-MP 0.3.DL, because that would make it 2,000.
This might be a difficult thing for these members who also regularly play on servers in 0.3.7-R2.
Since updating the sa-mp launcher in order to play at multiple communities could be annoying.
However due to the map update we are pretty much forced to proceed this update right now.

We’d apologize to the members that have to update the launcher continiously now.
And we do appreciate that these are willing to do some effort to play in our community.
Enjoy the upcoming map update, and send us a review about it if you wish to help us.

Click here to download the 0.3.DL SA-MP client!

Server is open for public now.

Dear members of the Tropical Island Roleplay SA-MP community.
After six months of development, the period of alpha-testing has come to end.
All major bugs have been fixed, and thereby our beta server is online right now.
We are pleased to announce that this beta-server will be open for public.

If you find any bugs in this public beta-version of our server.
Report them on our forum. Enjoy your stay on our server!

Happy new year everyone.

Dear members of the Tropical Island Roleplay SA-MP community.
On behalf of all staff members & developers of our server.
We do wish you all a happy and enjoyable 2018!

Opening of our new website.

After months of working on our server script we decided to start with our community website.
This site will be used to communicate better with our members and to resolve problems & applications.
Applications can be submitted to join a faction in our server or to become a member of our staff team.
Even this forums can be used to report rule-breakers, report bugs and submit ban appeals.

Have a look around and give us a feedback if you wish to do that.