Forum Rules.

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Forum Rules.

Post by Dawson » Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:55 pm

Insulting other forum members or posting something offensive that may insult another person directly or indirectly.

Posting something that is OOC in an IC Forum or post.

Promoting Illegal Activities:
Posting prohibited material or encouraging people to take part in harmful and so called illegal events.

Posting the same topic, reply or thread a multiple times or posting replies, topics or threads with the same meaning.

Posting in a topic that does not, in anyway, promote the continuation of the thread but disrupts it instead.

Lock Violating:
Posting a thread that has been locked before.

Delete Violating:
Posting a threat that has been deleted before.

Copying something that someone else wrote to use it for your personal benefit.

Request Post Violation:
Posting a request after it has already been processed.

Harassing Staff:
Spamming private messages or e-mails to staff members continuously.

Disclosing Private Information:
Releasing sensitive information from a community member.

Alt-Account Abuse:
Creating alternative accounts to break forum rules.

Impersonating Staff:
Impersonating administrative staff through any way on the forums.

Lying to admins:
Providing a false statement or distorting the truth to your advantage.

Advertising other servers on the forums.

Ban Evading:
Attempting to circumvent any active banned account.