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Thomas Shepard

Post by Shepard » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:55 pm

My name is Shepard, Thomas. I'm born and raised in London City. I've always remained a proud member of England. I've spend my younger years in London, aswell for my elder years. I have never moved out of my home city.

Through out the course of my life I've taken several studies in different directions. I've studied at the University of Oxford and have taken medical, forensic and law courses and studies.
I've made my living as a private detective back in London, eventually I was hired as an external detective which would and could be called in if any of the department's in London but also outside London required my field of expertise.

I of course would not hesitate to aid them out then, in fact. It would've only brought me joy.
As I got older, I eventually decided it was time to leave London, I've spend all my life in my home country and I sincerely wanted to spend my last years of my life elsewhere, outside of England.
This is where Tikibaye caught my interest. I well realized it's a.. very different country and place compared to Europe. Yet, I'm sure this place holds my secrets and keys to their mysteries.
Ready to take a new step in my life, I set course. Course, for Tikibaye.

Once arrived, I've established myself in one of the local motels.
Financially i'm not capable of making the purchase of a larger home yet, thus staying in a motel right now.
That, atleast until the situation shows me otherwise.

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