Parcours forestier 2018.

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Parcours forestier 2018.

Post by Oliver » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:06 am

Welcome everyone to the first event being organized on Tikibayé.
This event would be a run from the Northern side to the Southern side of the island.
It'll be organized to celebrate the grand opening of the forest, since it was a locked area for long.
Participants will have to find their own way to the finish of the parkour which would be in the shop-center.
Usage of vehicles would get you disqualified, the winner will receive $10,000 as reward.

Event rules:
-No usage of bikes/vehicles allowed.
-Usage of narcotics would get you disqualified.
-You have to go trough the (at least a part of the) forest.
-You are not allowed to swim in the sea during the event.
-Its not allowed to purposeful hinder other runners.
-Its not allowed to ask citizen for the route.
-Running as team is permitted.

Name: Oliver Brown.
Phone: 8990.

This event will start on 20-06-2018 on 17:00h (GMT).

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