Kozlov Camorra's Beta Tester Application.

Want to become an administrator on our server?
Feel free to submit an application here.
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Kozlov Camorra's Beta Tester Application.

Post by Dev86 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:59 pm

Applicant Information:
-IRL Firstname: Sean
-In-Game name: Kozlov Camorra
-In-Game level: n/a
-Playing hours: n/a
-Current nation: Philippines
-Date of birth: November 10, 2004
-Nationality: Filipino
-Timezone: UTC+8:00

Suitability Information:
-Are you in the abbility to write and speak fluent English?: Yes i do.
-Can you communicate in multiple languanes beside English?: Yes, i can speak in Filipino.
-Do you have experience as betá-tester in any other (roleplay) servers?:
* Yes and no. No, because i never really been an official beta tester in any server. Yes, because developing your own script and testing it, is, beta testing.

-Why would you like it to become betá-tester on our server? (minimum 150 words):
* Since 2017, i have been searching for a new roleplay experience. Most roleplay servers these days are only based on Los Santos. And i think, in my opinion, Los Santos is overused. I've found this server somewhere in SA-MP forum, forgot specifically where. I joined the first discord channel at December, 2017. After some months of inactivity, i found someone direct messaged me in discord that the old Tikibaye discord channel was deleted, and gave me a link to the new discord channel. I occasionally go to discord, as it isn't really my social media thing, i usually use facebook and instagram, i open at least 10 times a month, and every month i'd see a new update in the "#updates" channel of the discord server. As i have heard, Tropical Island Roleplay is opening soon, which excites me a-lot. As i have said in my first sentence, i am looking for a new roleplay experience in a place where i am not familiar of. This could be the chance where i could see the scenario and hopefully help Tikibaye's team in developing the server for future players.

-Why should we pick you for our testing team above other applicants? (minimum 150 words):
* In the Beta test, you can easily communicate with me, i can speak and understand english properly. I am a pawn developer myself, which means i can easily understand bugs i found and give you the most clear information you need in fixing it. I am mature enough to deal with people i meet online. I won't fight anyone using my keyboard just because of a virtual item or thing. You should pick me because i wan't to do it. I wan't to get picked, i am committed to do it. I am not here just to play around and do nothing, i am here to help find bugs or problems that would help the development of the server.

Conditions of Admissibility:
-Have you ever been warned on our forums, discord or in-game?: No
-Have you ever been banned from our forums, discord or in-game?: No
-Have you ever been kicked for failure to adhere to our server rules?: No
-Do you have any "recent" admin punishments within our community?: No
-Do you agree that failure to do your testing duties would lead to a punishment or demotion?: No
-Are you aware of all rules within our community?: Yes

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Re: Kozlov Camorra's Beta Tester Application.

Post by Dutchman » Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:31 pm

After intently reading your application for joining our Beta Testing team.
We are pleased to notify you, that you are accepted for joining it.
We'd look forward to see the actions that you'll take for our community.
And we are glad to have you joining in our staff team today.

Yours sincerely, Tropical Island Roleplay Administration Team.

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