Gabriel Corozzo's Ministration-Team Application.

Want to become an administrator on our server?
Feel free to submit an application here.
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Gabriel Corozzo's Ministration-Team Application.

Post by Tony » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:59 am

Applicant Information:
-IRL Firstname: Yeton
-In-Game name: Gabriel Corozzo
-In-Game level: 1 ( due to a bug )
-Playing hours: Had 19/20 but due to a bug, 4.
-Current nation: Macedonia
-Date of birth: 03/30/2000
-Nationality: Albanian
GMT +2
Suitability Information:
-Are you in the abbility to write and speak fluent English?: Yes
-Can you communicate in multiple languanes beside English?:Albanian,Macedonian.
-Do you have experience as admin/helper/moderator in any other (roleplay) servers?:
I've been an owner,administrator myself many times so yes i do have knowledge and experience.

-Why would you like it to become helper on our server? (minimum 100 words):
From the day i joined i really liked everything around and was willing to make more suggestions to make this server even better,i feel like i would be able to express my best in this server and i think a change would be needed. I like helping new players and showing them how everything works,i can speak english fluently which is not a problem to explain something to someone and basically i could do the job right.

-Why should we pick you for our staff team above other applicants? (minimum 150 words):
Hence im an experienced man with this job i believe that i may be choosen above the other applicants,i may not say that im the best but i can promise you one thing,i'll try my best. This server really gave me a nice feeling about it on which i would really want to continue on playing/roleplaying and most likely have fun with others and feel like a part of this server.It's yet up to you whether you decide or not,i've already explained few works to the "Dutchman" so yeah.Some experiences to be mentioned : Server Owner/Server Manager/Lead Administrator/ Junior Administrator (Server Owner, a year ago i decided to open my own community and i did it and yeah |Server Manager,got it due to many bugfixes,admin reports and such.| Lead to Junior , achieved them on many servers )

-How much playing hours could you be in-game/active each week?: 10hours min.(cus school+work+other obligations)
-On a scale from one to ten, how much would you rate your own roleplay knowledge?: 9/10
-Additional notes that you'd wish to share with us:I like team-work.
-Are you active in our Discord channel?:Yes
-Do you have any alternative accounts?:No

Conditions of Admissibility:
-Have you ever been warned on our forums, discord or in-game?:Nope
-Have you ever been banned from our forums, discord or in-game?:Nope
-Have you ever been kicked for failure to adhere to our server rules?:Nope
-Do you have any "recent" admin punishments within our community?:Nope
-Do you agree that failure to do your admin duties would lead to a punishment or demotion?:Yes
-Do you understand that we work under a hierarchy, and have higher ranks to split powers of authority?:Yes
-Are you aware of all rules in our community and do you agree to punish for any violation thereof?Yes

Note: If you don't use this format, your application will be automaticly denied!

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Re: Gabriel Corozzo's Ministration-Team Application.

Post by Dawson » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:16 pm

Dear Gabriel Carozzo.

After intently reading your application for joining our Ministration-Team.
We are pleased to notify you, that you are accepted for joining the team.
We'd look forward to see the actions that you'll take for our community.
And we are glad to have you joining in our staff team today.

Yours sincerely, Tropical Island Roleplay Administration Team.

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