Tikibayéan Constitution.

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Tikibayéan Constitution.

Post by Dawson » Wed May 02, 2018 5:53 pm

Labor Policy:

All citizens who have reached the age of 16 are permitted to provide mental and/or physical labor to the state. Workers may begin working from the age of 12 and may work until they die. Tikibaye does not force their citizens to work.

Voting Policy:
Citizens of Tikibaye finding themselves in the possession of at least $800 will be able to cast their vote in any election, poll or referendum. Citizens who find themselves capable of paying the $800 voting fee will be considered a voter.

Tikibaye's military:
Only educated citizens of Tikibaye may serve in Tikibaye's armed forces. This ensures the military will serve well and effectively.

No specific personal rights:
The state is in full control and possession of their citizens. The state is not bound to care, nurture or provide in any way for their citizens. Citizens of Tikibaye hold the right to hold onto land controlled and owned by Tikibaye such as houses or businesses.

Secular State:
Freedom of any religious worship or atheist convictions are to be accepted and respected within the borders of Tikibaye. The state cannot defy any religious believes nor are they obliged to provide any religious satisfaction.

Totalitarian State:
The current government is the true government of Tikibaye, any expression, thought or will to express or think otherwise is incorrect. Citizens are obliged to report any confusion or misconduct of themselves or their neighbors to the nearest officer or government member. Elections will happen rarely and will be unmonitored.

Open borders
Any person who do not yet find themselves to be a citizen of Tikibaye will be welcomed in Tikibaye with no regard of their financial state, education or health.

Controlled Media:
In order to ensure truthful and combat fake news the established media businesses are regulated and owned by the government. Any song, message or video released out to Tikibaye has been approved and permitted by the government.

Monitored Internet:
In another attempt to combat the spread and creation of fake news but also to stop and prevent terrorism, the government of Tikibaye has full control and insight on the online actions of their citizens.