Reinstatement Application​ Format. [OPEN]

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Reinstatement Application​ Format. [OPEN]

Post by Dawson » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:33 pm

If you have been Armed Service member on the island before and want to reïnstate, fill out this format:

Thread Title Format:

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[Firstname] [Lastname]'s Reinstatement Application​.
Reinstatement Application​ Format:

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[i][b]Applicant Information:[/b]
-Full name:
-Gender (M/F):
-Date of birth:
-Place of birth:
-Phone Number:

[b]Suitability Information:[/b]
Date of resignation:
Reason of resignation:
What was your previous rank in the Armed Service?:
What was the highest rank you ever had in the Armed Service?:
Why would you like to return to the Armed Service? (At least 150 words):

Additional Comments:

[b]Out of character information:[/b]
Current age:
In-Game level:
Do you have a alt-account?:
Link to the Armed Service application from when you joined the Armed Service:[/i]
Note: If you don't use this format, your application will be automaticly denied!