Oliver Jordan's Fire Department Application.

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Oliver Jordan's Fire Department Application.

Post by Fedo » Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:42 pm

Applicant Information:
-Full name: Oliver Michael Jordan
-Nationality: British
-Gender (M/F): Male
-Date of birth: 1/8/1994
-Place of birth: Britain
-Phone Number: None

Suitability Information:
-Can you communicate in multiple languanes beside English?: No.
-Are you in the abbility to write and speak fluent English?: Yes.
-Have you got any education in your past? - If yes, which?: Cambridge university.
-Do you know how to communicate in a proper way with injured peoples?: Yes, I do.
-Are you up to date with the fire-equipment where you should have to deal with?: Yes.
-Are you up to date with knowing how to deal with differend gases and liquide?: Yes.

-Tell us why you want to become a Fire-Feighter in at least 250 words:
Our family tree contains two branches one of them chose the Medical team and the other chose the Fire team. I preferred to be from the Fire team branch. My uncle gave me a lot of advices about the job. When I was young I always used to think about this job. I have always wanted to be one of the Fire Fighter who rescues the citizens and help them. I grew up while my dream was also growing up with me. I traveled from London to Los Santos because I have heard about an advertisement that offers a chance to citizens from all over the world to join Fire Department.

I saw that this is a chance to make my dream a real thing and to rescue people. I applied and I took my interview. They liked my character and they were pleased to accept me and give me the chance to show them how would I react as a true fire fighter. I have worked for like 8 hours a day on duty.

I extinguished most important buildings like pizza stacks, Capital Police's building. I have always been known there as every citizen used to like me because I was doing my job greatly. One day the perfect fire fighters were sent to a educational trip at a city called Liberty city. It was away from LV. During our trip a problem occurred at the left engine of the plane. We had to parachute down the sea while I was swimming i noticed Tikibayé I swam to it until i reached it and I decided to continue my Fire fighter job at the island.

-Tell us a little bid about yourself below here in at least 150 words:
My name is Oliver Jordan. I was born in Britain at London Bridge Hospital. I was born in 1994. I'm 34 years old now. I'm from a semi rich family at London. I went to London's high school. I went to London's university and I have been graduated from faculty of Fire. I have always wanted to be one of the fire fighters who rescues the citizens at the cities. I worked as a fire fighter at Los Santos Fire Department. I have learnt there a lot about the job. I worked there for 4 years. I have got a lot of courses about dealing with fire and extinguishing fires. I have reached Lieutenant while I was there. I was travelling for an educational trip when suddenly the left engine of our plane went down. I have swam to Tikibaye Island and i decided to continue my life as a fire fighter there to begin my life in Tikibaye.

-Have you done any criminal activaties in your past? - If yes, which ones?: No.
-Do you have any mental or physical constraint that possible effects your work as fire-feighter?: No.
-Have you ever been arrested in your past? - If yes, for which reason?: No.

-Do you agree that you answered every question above true?: Yes.

Out of character information:
Firstname: Ahmed.
In-Game level: 0
Do you speak basic English?: Yes.
Have you ever been banned?:No.
Have you ever been warned?:No.
Do you have a alt-account?: No.

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Re: Oliver Jordan's Fire Department Application.

Post by Dawson » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:11 pm

Dear mister Jordan.

After intently reading your application for joining our Fire Department.
We are pleased to announce that you are pending interview right now.
Thereby I would like to meet you in the lobby of our government building tomorrow by 2:00PM.

If you feel unable to be at the requested place on the requested time.
Feel free to give us a notify in order to change this planning.

Yours sincerely, Flynn Dawson.

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