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Salverio Marchegiano's Experience.

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:32 pm
by Dawson
My name is Salverio Marchegiano,
I'm born on 10-10-2000 in a wooden house on the Eastern side of Las Barancas, which is a village then south of Las Venturas, close to Fort Carson in San Andreas. I've got a good childhood on that place, it was very peaceful and either my parents did let me do whatever I wanted to do. I've been surfing on the beach behind my house a lot of time. I used to be very good with it and either started with competitions against my friends. This kept going on until my 16th life-year, since that moment my life totally changed into the adventure that I'm experiencing at the moment.

I was watching television on the couch, watching a documentary of a recently found island in the middle of the ocean, 4,000 kilometers away from Las Venturas. I saw giant waves in the sea and a beautiful Tropical beach. Of course this documentary was going about TikibayƩ. I felt some kind of adrenalin in my body, I really wanted to step on the plane and go straight to TikibayƩ in order to get a surfing thrill. So I started searching on the internet, in order to find more information about the island. And found either that it was only approachable by ship, because there isn't a Airport on TikibayƩ. So I decided to tell my friends and family that I'm leaving home in order to get the ultimate adventure. Of course my family didn't want me to leave, and neither did my friends. However after some thinking and maybe even some struggling, I still decided to move away from home.

After being on a cruiseship for weeks I finally arrived on the island, either immediately on the beach.
Since that is where the cruiseship arrives for unload. So I was finally on the island, seeing the waves but still waiting for being ready for the thrill. At first I was going to unpack my lugage at the Motel, and had a look around the island. I really loved, and either still love the forest. After some time of looking around on the island, finally I felt one with it and started getting my surfing-necessities together, while walking to the beach I felt the head coming up in my head. I entered the beach and "Boom" jumped in the water, the thrill did go to my body when a giant wave appeared. I stood up on my surfboard and entered the wave.. Now I'll never surf again, when the wave colapsed. I fell and broke a multiple of bones, after two weeks in the hospital I felt disapointment and started searching for another job. I might never feel ready to surf again after this experience. But luckly I'm fully recovered from this giant failure..

So this is how I arrived on the island..
I'd hope you enjoyed the story.