Basic Role playing Guide

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Basic Role playing Guide

Post by Shepard » Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:13 pm

So you're new to roleplay, or simply wish to fresh your memory up?
Well, you're at the right place.

Roleplay isn't really as hard as it seems. Just keep in mind that you should always act and behave, just like you would do In-Real-Life.

I will go ahead and explain certain aspects of roleplaying, and how you can make yourself an excellent example and member of our community.

- General Roleplay
- Role playing actions
- Roleplay terms

We play in America, we drive on the right side of the road, obey traffic lights, enforce a legit vehicle speed and stop at intersections and maintain basic traffic rules. If you're on-foot you don't just run everywhere, you don't run from store to store through groups of people. You might wanna give the people you pass a simple greet or nod, or eventually excuse yourself if they are in your way. Don't walk or run over the road, That isn't very realistic nor is it safe!

It doesn't mean that you cannot skip a red light, drive fast or skip an intersection. People do this In-Real-Life too. It's an example of normal life, if you break a IC rule you will most likely get the police on your tail.


This is something players may tell you when you're roleplaying an invalid action.
Non-RP is something usually deemed very unrealistic, or an action that your character could or would never perform. A good example could be for when you are getting robbed, someone is pointing a gun at you and you decide to run away or attack the gunman, that isn't realistic because if someone would point a gun at you In-Real-Life you might shiver and obey his instructions. Metagaming and powergaming is also part of non-rp, I will explain this later on in the guide.

While playing you may wanna interact with others, yes, you write your sentences in the chat and your character will speak your words. But what if you wish to light a smoke?, or scratch your head?

You use the following command to indicate an action your character performs.

Let me give an example:
/me raises his right hand over to his chin, rubbing it slightly.
You will see:
*Firstname_Lastname raises his right hand over to his chin, rubbing it slightly.

There isn't much use in this action, but it's still an action the character performed. You do not have to respond to this action because it's something the character did to himself and doesn't involve you in.

But the other could also offer you a handshake, you wouldn't just keep him standing now, would you? You write a /me action about how you accept his handshake and shake hands with the person.

There is also something called /do
This isn't an action your character performs, but this command is used to describe a scene or situation.
Let's say you had an accident with your vehicle, a paramedic arrives and will most likely ask you in /do

/do What do i see?
Then you will need to answer in /do what the situation looks like for the paramedic, Perhaps something like
/do the vehicle appears to be in bad condition, it's smoking and the left door is crushed.

/do could also be used to ask reactions.
Let's say, /me swings a fist at your shoulder.
Then you could write; /do What is your reaction?
Then the other has to write how the person whom just got punched responds to the attack.

Do not use /do actions such as:
/do success or fail?
Write what happened, by imaginíng what would happen if this action was performed In-Real-life.

By doing this you give the other sufficient information on the situation, the other will take it from there and carry on his roleplay.

In the roleplay world we have certain terms to keep our characters apart from ourselves.
I will state a small list of common terms below;

In Character
This is the world of the character, it has nothing to do with you sitting behind your computer. You play the character from the character's perspective, everything a character would not be able to know would not pop up in his mind.
Everything you do or say happens in the world of the character, thus hapopens IC'ly.

Out of Character
This is your world, the world the player is in. OOC has nothing to do with your character. There are some commands such as /b to communicate with others, but this isn't an IC chat thus not part of roleplay. Let's say your phone rings, you have to press escape and pick it up. Then you may wanna inform the players around youin /b that your phone is ringing and that you will be right back.


MG also known as metagaming is using OOC information in IC situations. Thus things you found out on the forum, or by /pm. Let's say you're driving around and a friend of you sends you a /pm that the police is looking for you. You suddenly start getting out of town and getting somewhere safe. How would your character know this? This is information you gained by OOC means, your character would never be able to know this. Now you and your friend are metagaming information. Also a commin metagaming offense is knowning people by their names. Let's say you find someone on the street. You can OOC'ly see that his name is Firstname_Lastname, if you would step up to him and speak with him, saying something like, Firstname can you tell me where the general store is? Then you are metagaming because you've used his name without him telling it to you first. Because your character would never be able to know his name.


PG also known as powergaming is mainly performing IC actions that your character would never be able to perform.
Think about, flipping a car with your hands, climbing up a high wall, dodgíng bullets, or other unrealistic or impossible actions. A good example of powergaming is that when you are getting attacked, let's say you're getting attacked and a person swings a fist at you, you write something like /me dodge's the punch, that's powergaming because you would't just dodge a punch, you're not a ninja nor would anyone see or know it's coming.

Before we start speaking of type of kills, you should realise that you wouldn't just get killed.. or kill this easily.
You might want to beat someone up bad, or might get beaten first. That should teach you and give you a clear warning. If you get to the killing part it is good to know the following killing aspects:

Revenge Killing

Revenge killing, also known as RK is killing someone after he killed you.
Basically returning to the location where you died in search for the killer.
After you die you lose a party of your memory, the memory of your killer and death scene for example.
You respawn and carry on with what you always do, just don't return to your death scene too early.
Also, if you died and see your killer after you respawned again, you would't know or recognise him. You both are different persons for each other.

This has nothing to do with killing or attacking someone who killed one of your friends or family members IC'ly.

Player kill

A playerkill, also known as a PK.
It's where you get killed in order to lose alot of information that your character may or may not know.
For example; you're part of a faction, you broke their faction rules and did bad stuff, you basically are in big trouble. Then the faction leader may want to consider on player killing your character, making sure you lose every memory of the faction. You will respawn on death, but with the memory cleared.

Character kill

A character kill, also known as CK is very rare.
It's when your character gets permanently killed on death.
It could be for example; when your criminal record just gets way too bad, resulting in a lifetime sentence, thus a CK.
- Only Senior Administrators are allowed to perform a character kill.
Suiciding during a mayor event such as a police pursuit, will get you character killed.
If character killed, you will not lose everything just yet, you may choose to change your name, keeping all your properties and items you gained while playing, but starting a complete new life with a new life.

Roleplay kill

A roleplay kill, also known as RPK.
It's pretty much a normal death.
Examples are: Starving or dehydration, but could also be due to an IC accident.
It's slightly similar to a Player kill but this time it could only be for one individual.

Deathmatch, also known as DM stands for killing without reason.
This is pretty simple, perhaps you might already know what is is.
You basically attack someone for no reason at all.
RP Deathmatch also exists, you basically attack someone with the intension to kill, but for no proper roleplay reason.
DM is strictly forbidden, you should find another server if you've came for the killing.

I possess the ownership rights of this guide*

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Re: Basic Role playing Guide

Post by Dawson » Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:06 pm

Nice guide, could be really helpfull to new members of the community. =)

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Re: Basic Role playing Guide

Post by Shepard » Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:53 am

I've written it atleast six years ago and made a few changes here and there. I hope the guide is still relateable enough to today's roleplay. I'm actually quite sure it is.

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