The Corozzo Crime Family

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The Corozzo Crime Family

Post by Tony » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:59 am

In-Character Information:
-Name of leadership: Gabriel Corozzo
-Names of other members: George Martins , Anthony Corozzo ( He's registering in few hours )
-Name of the gang/faction: The Corozzo Crime Family
-In game level's of members: I had a higher level but due to a bug it's 1, George's level is 1 and ofcourse Anthony is still upon registration process which is 1.
-What kind of RP does this faction provide?:
We're skilled enough to roleplay as a criminal family,we're based on guns and drugs on which we believe that it might be the right thing to roleplay in this Island.
Suitability Information:
-Does your gang communicate in multiple languages beside English?: No.
-Are your gang members in the ability to write and speak fluent English?:Yes they can write and speak fluent English.
-Tell us about the IC history of your gang and the reason for creating it. (at least 150 words):
Los Santos, San Andreas.. - A city full of crimes,Gabriel and his brother Anthony had a really tough living there on which led them to start their own Blackmarket. They started running guns and drug deals on which led them to many other problems,fights with the in-town cops and the whole San Andreas Special Forces.Gabriel was wounded several times by few drugdealers which wanted him dead so badly,the business wasn't getting successfull afterawhile but instead Gabriel took it to another level,he turned this into an Crime Family.He hired many more men on which he settled a new HQ where they would usually hangout and keep their shit inside and from that moment they began with kidnapping,murdering,slaughtering and many more tortures around.The Corozzo Crime Family in a short while became really famous for their acts and behaviours,they started corrupting cops including the Chief of Police on which this led them to be even more stronger.San Andreas Special Forces found out many things due to a databreach on local Police Department's database which led them to shut down the whole department and then run after the Corozzo Family,problems started to grow up more and more so finally they decided to move away from Los Santos and get to an Island called Tikibaye.

-Tell us a little bid more about your gang and their members. (at least 350 words):
Gabriel Corozzo - a highly skilled killer with different abilities without getting scared to do anything bad. From his childhood he had connections with gangs on which he started his criminal career, by selling drugs to selling weapons and then killing people,his father had his Drug Factory with 20 workers on which they produced Heroin,Cocaine,Ecstasy.They made really big deals on which they achieved millions and millions.
Anthony Corozzo - just as his brother really skilled and wise men,always giving the best ideas and methods to get known in a Town,Stealth methods and many more stuff.
As we know the Corozzo Crime Family came up from a real badass criminal background,they're planning to run their business in Tikibaye Island aswell.
The Corozzo Crime Family started hiring new men for their business now they're trying to find the correct place where they could run their business and get back to their old rich lifestyle.

-Does your gang have any Island-Wide known activates? - If yes, which ones?:
We're starting to sell drugs and weapons around the Island just as soon as we find the right place to produce them.

Out of character applicant/leadership information:
Firstname: Yeton
Current age: 18
In-Game level: 1(it's supposed to be higher but due to bugs it's 1 )
Do you speak basic English?: I speak a fluent english.
Have you ever been banned?: No never.
Have you ever been warned?: No never.
Do you have a alt-account?:
No not yet.

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Re: The Corozzo Crime Family

Post by Dawson » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:06 am

There are a little bid less words then expected in the "Tell us a little bid more" section.
However the application over all seems fair enough to be accepted.
Slot given, congratulations!