Coastguard Application Format.

Are you willing to protect the island from intruders, by going over the rough ocean?
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Coastguard Application Format.

Post by Dutchman » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:11 pm

If you want to become a Coastguard member you'll have to use this format and make a application thread.
The title of your application threat must be for example: William Stoneburg's Coastguard Application.

Application title format:

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Firstname Lastname's Coastguard Application.
Application format:

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[i][b]Applicant Information:[/b]
-Full name:
-Gender (M/F):
-Date of birth:
-Place of birth:
-Phone Number:

[b]Suitability Information:[/b]
-Can you communicate in multiple languanes beside English?:
-Are you in the abbility to write and speak fluent English?:
-Have you got any education in your past? - If yes, which?:
-Do you know how to communicate in a proper way with peoples?:
-Are you up to date with the laws where you should have to deal with?:

-Tell us why you want to become a Coastguard Member in at least 250 words:

-Tell us a little bid about yourself below here in at least 150 words:

-Have you done any criminal activaties in your past? - If yes, which ones?:
-Have you ever been arrested in your past? - If yes, for which reason?:

-Do you agree that you answered every question above true?:

[b]Out of character information:[/b]
In-Game level:
Do you speak basic English?:
Have you ever been banned?:
Have you ever been warned?:
Do you have a alt-account?:
Note: If you don't use this format, your application will be automaticly denied!