Trent Wilson's Betá Testers Application.

Want to become an administrator on our server?
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Trent Wilson's Betá Testers Application.

Post by DanielLeungLOL » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:43 am

-IRL Firstname: Daniel
-In-Game name: Trent Wilson
-In-Game level: N/A
-Playing hours: N/A
-Current nation: Hong Kong
-Date of birth: N/A (Won't provide this information as it is a part of my privacy)
-Nationality: Hong Kong
-Timezone: UTC + 8

Suitability Information:
-Are you in the ability to write and speak fluent English?: I can write fluent English but not sure about speaking English as I seldom talk to foreigners.
-Can you communicate in multiple languages besides English?: Yes, Cantonese and Mandarin.
-Do you have experience as betá-tester in any other (roleplay) servers?:
I don't have any experience as a beta-tester in any other servers unfortunately.

-Why would you like it to become betá-tester on our server? (minimum 150 words):
I would like to join the beta tester team in Tropical Island Roleplay because I want to help the server growing. As I aware, the server is closed for a long time and I wish that joining the beta tester team can boost the process of script testing and reopen the server as soon as possible. Also, there is no person applying for the position of Beta Tester as there is no application on the forum. I know that the scripter needs beta testers to test the updates and the script and find the bugs out. Unfortunately, I don’t see any beta tester around this community and I want to join the beta tester team to assist the server scripting team to develop and publish new the script.

-Why should we pick you for our testing team above other applicants? (minimum 150 words):
I don’t think I am able to achieve the word requirement of this question. I will rate myself a hardworking person, a royal person. I am not better than other applicants as I don’t have any experience in beta testing, but I still want to join the beta tester team.

-How much playing hours could you be active each week?:
-On a scale from one to ten, how much would you rate your own roleplay knowledge?: 6.5, I won't rate myself a good RPer, as a good RPer, you will improve yourself during RP with other players.
-Additional notes that you'd wish to share with us: I have been playing a heavy roleplay server for 2 years for now.
-Are you active in our Discord channel?: I'm active on Discord but not on TIRP channel.

Conditions of Admissibility:
-Have you ever been warned on our forums, discord or in-game?: No
-Have you ever been banned from our forums, discord or in-game?: No
-Have you ever been kicked for failure to adhere to our server rules?: No
-Do you have any "recent" admin punishments within our community?: No
-Do you agree that failure to do your testing duties would lead to a punishment or demotion?: No
-Are you aware of all rules within our community?: Yes

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Re: Trent Wilson's Betá Testers Application.

Post by Dawson » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:51 pm

Dear Trent Wilson.

After intently reading your application for joining our Beta Testing team.
We are pleased to notify you, that we'll give you a chance for joining it.
We'd look forward to see the actions that you'll take for our community.
And we are glad to have you joining in our staff team today.

Yours sincerely, Tropical Island Roleplay Administration Team.