Applicational Guide.

A place to submit a application for your illegal faction to become official.
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Applicational Guide.

Post by Dawson » Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:31 pm

In order to become a official illegal faction our community, you'd have to submit a application for that.
Applications will be reviewed within the smallest detail, due to the fact that we've a small island map only.
Therefore there can't be a lot of of illegal factions on the island, as that would create a complete chaos.
In order to become a illegal faction, you should need to have at least three members to apply with for it.
Inactivity of gangs have a huge impact on the economy IC, therefore it might lead to gang closure.

If you'd understand there terms above and agree with them, use the prefix below to submit your application.

Title format:

Code: Select all

Name of gang here.
Application format:

Code: Select all

[i][b]In-Character Information:[/b]
-Name of leadership:
-Names of other members:
-Name of the gang/faction:
-In game level's of members:
-What kind of RP does this faction provide?:

[b]Suitability Information:[/b]
-Does your gang communicate in multiple languages beside English?:
-Are your gang members in the ability to write and speak fluent English?:

-Tell us about the IC history of your gang and the reason for creating it. (at least 150 words):

-Tell us a little bid more about your gang and their members. (at least 350 words):

-Does your gang have any Island-Wide known activates? - If yes, which ones?:

[b]Out of character applicant/leadership information:[/b]
Current age:
In-Game level:
Do you speak basic English?:
Have you ever been banned?:
Have you ever been warned?:
Do you have a alt-account?:[/i]