E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips.

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E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips.

Post by RaZzor » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:26 pm

In-Character Information:
-Name of leadership: Jamal_Randall.
-Names of other members: James_Reigns, Thomas_Jackson,Dejay_Evans.
-Name of the gang/faction: E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips.
-In game level's of members: 2-3
-What kind of RP does this Faction provide?: Gang RP.

Suitability Information:
-Does your gang communicate in multiple languages besides English?: Yeah.
-Are your gang members in the ability to write and Speak Fluent English?: Yeah.

-Tell us about the IC history of your gang and the reason for creating it. (at least 150 words):
The E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips set was founded by, Jamal Randall and James Reigns. The set was made in Los Santos, in the year 2009. Jamal and James were all around the Town looking for more members to roll with E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips and represent the Set. They eventually started ruling the whole east side of Tikibaye, the Bloods were starting to get jealous and moved in to the East, The Crips were pissed, there were gang wars rolling out everywhere, there were people dying left and right and Jamal and James were in the middle of it. They eventually moved away from the hot area and moved more North East to get away from all the violence, and to start all over again. Jamal moved into a New House and James moved in another House, they both were still banging daily.and always looking for new members. To get into the E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips the New Members would go through a vicious beating just to get the respect from their Homies, after the beating they would Say ''Welcome Cuh'' and They were Officially a part of the New Craze. Once you were in the gang, it was a Crip4 Life outh . Jamal and James were Finding out that The East was a way better place to move in, there was Crack Fiends that Wanted Drugs, They have Tons of Money, Tons of Bitches, and on top of that they were ruling the biggest set in East Tikibaye.

-Tell us a little bit more About your Gang and the Gang Members. (at least 350 words):
The E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips are a Street Gang founded in Tikibaye. The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Bloods. They are identified by the Blue Colour Worn by their Members and by particular Gang Symbols, including Distinctive Hand Signs. The Crips are made up of various sub-groups known as "sets" between which significant differences exist such as Colours, Clothing, and Operations, and Political Ideas which May be in Open Conflict with Each Other. Since their creation, The Crip Gangs have branched out throughout Tikibaye.

Jamal Randall was Born in Los Santos in the Year of 1990, He was Born into a Black Community, where the majority Were Poor, like other Black Males in the community, He was Looking for a Place to Live in so He Decided to move in Tikibay. He didn't have a Father so He didn't Have any Discipline He Ran on the Streets and did whatever he Wanted. Jamal Smoked A Lot of Weed and Started to Sell Weed as a Way to make Money to Help himself Live, He was Eventually one of the Richest Kids in the Area, until a Big Black Dude with a Gun came up and Jacked all of his Weed and made him Show Him where He Stashed all of his Money. After all that He went through He lost all of his Stuff, he eventually looked towards The Crips for Protection, and then He Finally Joined.He was excited to be Part of a Family that Respected Him. He was all around Tikibaye and He was making Good Cash, One Day another Black Male came Up to Him with a Glock and tried to Jack him, He pulled out a Gun and Killed the Guy, later that Day he got Arrested. He was sent to a Juvenile Detention Center for 5 years. He met up with his cousin James in the center and started hanging out. They were Both Getting out in the Same Month so they were Going to Chill after They get Out.

James Reigns was Born in Los Santos in the year of 1989, He was born into the Same Black Community as Jamal and James decided to move to Tikibay after a Shorter Amount of Time, They Hanged out Together for a little bit. Like Jamal He was Selling Cocaine. He would sell Drugs Just To Make a Living. Eventually He Got Caught and Was Sent to The Same Juvenile Detention Center as Jamal. They Met up and started Hanging out together. They were Both Affiliated with The Crips and They had the Same Mindset, ''Make Money and Be The Best.'' When They were Released in June of 2009, They were Both Back on the Streets with Nothing. They would eventually get Drugs again and they Started to sell them.

-Does your gang have any Island-Wide known activities? - If yes, which ones?: Drug Trafficking.

Out of character applicant/leadership information:
Timezone:GMT +2
Current age: 16
In-Game level: 1
Do you speak basic English?: Yeah.
Have you ever been banned?: No.
Have you ever been warned?: No.
Do you have a alt-account?:
: No, I don't.
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Re: E/S Beach Town Mafia Crips.

Post by Dawson » Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:52 pm

Slot given, congratulations!

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