Johnny Ortega's Ministration-Team Application.

Want to become an administrator on our server?
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Johnny Ortega's Ministration-Team Application.

Post by Ortega » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:05 pm

Applicant Information:
-IRL Firstname:Ilay
-In-Game name:Johnny Ortega
-In-Game level:1
-Playing hours:1
-Current nation:San Andreas
-Date of birth:12/10/1992
-Timezone:OC GMT +2:00

Suitability Information:
-Are you in the abbility to write and speak fluent English?:Yes
-Can you communicate in multiple languanes beside English?:Yes
-Do you have experience as admin/helper/moderator in any other (roleplay) servers?:Already pmed it to the owner

-Why would you like it to become helper on our server? (minimum 100 words):
Well, I would like to gather enough authorization to helps someone, therefore I hereby want to share my knowledge with everyone. My personal interests here to have our beautiful helper tag and I would like to guide anyone in this community. I got nothing to say more but I am determined to be a helper. I am active, therefore my knowledge is enough to help a clueless player. I think I am a good choice and deserving for this Out of Character position. Being a helper is an honor, gives you enough authorization to help players. However, I know what it takes to be a helper and to gets an unlimited newbie chat, to answer right if they're confused about something. Although I want to share my knowledge about the community and the server as well. Overall, being a helper is not an easy task.

-Why should we pick you for our staff team above other applicants? (minimum 150 words):
I believe a Helper must have a mature side to them and keep a level headed attitude. Learn to be firm, but fair when dealing with various player issues. Become a role model to other players. Constantly help other players deal with their issues and address them in a timely manner. Never abuse Helper powers for personal gain,
I spend a lot of my free time trying to help people in Tropic Island rolepaly very often and not once have I found it a hassle or even boring. I want to extend that help into something more. As some of you may know, I'm constantly being thanked for them and knowing how much they have helped others is one of the best feelings in the world. This community is very special and rare so I'm taking this opportunity to continue to enrich this community and keep it that way.

-How much playing hours could you be in-game/active each week?:8 Hours per day
-On a scale from one to ten, how much would you rate your own roleplay knowledge?:7-9
-Additional notes that you'd wish to share with us:Noting
-Are you active in our Discord channel?:Yes
-Do you have any alternative accounts?:No

Conditions of Admissibility:
-Have you ever been warned on our forums, discord or in-game?:No
-Have you ever been banned from our forums, discord or in-game?:No
-Have you ever been kicked for failure to adhere to our server rules?:No
-Do you have any "recent" admin punishments within our community?:No
-Do you agree that failure to do your admin duties would lead to a punishment or demotion?:Yes
-Do you understand that we work under a hierarchy, and have higher ranks to split powers of authority?:Yes
-Are you aware of all rules in our community and do you agree to punish for any violation thereof?Yes

Note: If you don't use this format, your application will be automaticly denied!

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Re: Johnny Ortega's Ministration-Team Application.

Post by Dawson » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:30 pm

Dear Johnny Ortega.

After intently reading your application for joining our Ministration-Team.
We are pleased to notify you, that you are accepted for joining the team.
We'd look forward to see the actions that you'll take for our community.
And we are glad to have you joining in our staff team today.

Yours sincerely, Tropical Island Roleplay Administration Team.