Cameron Ortega's Ministration-Team Application.

Want to become an administrator on our server?
Feel free to submit an application here.
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Cameron Ortega's Ministration-Team Application.

Post by Kidnxtdoor » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:43 pm

Applicant Information:
-IRL Firstname: Fred
-In-Game name: Cameron Ortega
-In-Game level: 1
-Playing hours: 3
-Current nation: San Andreas
-Date of birth: 10/3/1995
-Nationality: Philippines
-Timezone: GMT +8:00

Suitability Information:
-Are you in the ability to write and speak fluent English?: Yes
-Can you communicate in multiple languages beside English?: Filipino and a little bit of Spanish
-Do you have experience as admin/helper/moderator in any other (roleplay) servers?:
* Yes.

-Why would you like it to become helper on our server? (minimum 100 words):
* I really wanna help the staff team on assisting new players and I wanna show my skills on how to entertain the players well. I am a good listener, I can listen both sides before taking an action. I can be a role model and I know how to cooperate with the staff team. I know that becoming a member of the staff team isn't easy but I'm willing to give it a try because I know that I am capable enough with the position.

-Why should we pick you for our staff team above other applicants? (minimum 150 words):
* Each one of us have different characteristics, each one of us have different skills. We're all unique in many ways. Why should you pick me to become one of your staff members above applicants, here is the thing. I am very active especially if I have a lot of free time. I am very friendly towards other players, approachable and I do have my own style on how to entertain new players or even the older one. Well, I guess these words fits enough for me to become one of the staff team. God bless y'all.

-How much playing hours could you be in-game/active each week?: 3-5 hours, it depends.
-On a scale from one to ten, how much would you rate your own roleplay knowledge?: 9/10
-Additional notes that you'd wish to share with us: None
-Are you active in our Discord channel?: Yes
-Do you have any alternative accounts?: N/A

Conditions of Admissibility:
-Have you ever been warned on our forums, discord or in-game?: N/A
-Have you ever been banned from our forums, discord or in-game?: N/A
-Have you ever been kicked for failure to adhere to our server rules?: N/A
-Do you have any "recent" admin punishments within our community?: N/A
-Do you agree that failure to do your admin duties would lead to a punishment or demotion?: N/A
-Do you understand that we work under a hierarchy, and have higher ranks to split powers of authority?: Yes
-Are you aware of all rules in our community and do you agree to punish for any violation thereof? Yes

Note: If you don't use this format, your application will be automaticly denied!

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Re: Cameron Ortega's Ministration-Team Application.

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