Reggie Malone's Law Enforcement Application.

Want to protect the island from criminal activities and become a friend of the law and only the law -Submit your application for the Island's Police Department here, and maybe you will become an officer soon!
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Reggie Malone's Law Enforcement Application.

Post by Money » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:15 pm

Applicant Information:
-Full name: Reggie Malone
-Nationality: Tikibaye
-Gender (M/F): M
-Date of birth: 10/27/1993
-Place of birth: Tikibaye
-Phone Number: 209675372

Suitability Information:
-Can you communicate in multiple languanes beside English?: English, Italian
-Are you in the abbility to write and speak fluent English?: Yes
-Have you got any education in your past? - If yes, which?: High School Diploma

-Tell us why you want to become a Police Officer in at least 250 words:
* I want to become a law enforcement officer to further benefit and better the community. Extremely capable with a gun, and I just wish to help the community. I don't have a job currently, I follow the laws, and there needs to be some sort of law and order in this town, and I wish to help with that. I've always been one to set out the rules, and enforce people to follow them, and I think becoming a cop would enable me to do what comes naturally to me. The more clean cops on the island, the safer it will be. I show all the necessary skills, in order to become an officer. I grew up in a rough part of Tikibaye, and I saw the struggles that my community had to endure. Constant crime, and I wish to help put an end to all of that. I don’t believe we should take it easy on these criminals, as I know how mischievous and squeamish they are. They lie to a cop one second, and then turn around and kill off an entire family, like it’s no big deal. I believe we should be hard on these criminals, and teach them morales, from right and wrong. My parents were killed by a loan shark. This loan shark was also protected by dirty cops. I couldn’t touch him, even if I wanted to. And I believe if I joined the department, it would be cleaner and much more beneficial to the community as a whole.

-Tell us a little bid about yourself below here in at least 150 words:
* As I said before, in the previous paragraph, I grew up in a rough part of Tikibaye. My Dad worked as a truck driver, and my mom stayed home with me and my brother, Samuel. I had a job since I was 13. I was a street seller, trying to scrap up extra cash. When I was 16, I started running errands on my bike, throughout the Island. When I was 18, I joined a gang for a little bit, thinking I could be "cool". Little did I know, gangs were dangerous. I left the gang, almost as soon as I joined, because I saw a man get his arm cut off for not bringing in a payment. That really showed me, that I needed to do something. Then my parents were killed, just trying to further us by putting us into college, over in Los Santos... that's when I made a commitment to really make a change in my community... by joining the local law enforcement.

-Have you done any criminal activaties in your past? - If yes, which ones?: None
-Have you ever received a ticket in your past? - If yes, for which reason?: None
-Have you ever been arrested in your past? - If yes, for which reason?: None

-Do you agree that you answered every question above true?: Yes

Out of character information:
Timezone: EST
Firstname: David
Current age: 16
In-Game level: 1
Do you speak basic English?: Yes
Have you ever been banned?: No
Have you ever been warned?: No
Do you have a alt-account?:
No, not anymore. I will only be using Reggie Malone

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Re: Reggie Malone's Law Enforcement Application.

Post by Martin » Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:06 pm

Dear Mr. Malone .

After intently reading your application for joining our Police Department.
We are pleased to announce that you are pending interview right now.
Thereby I would like to meet you in the lobby of our government building tomorrow.

If you feel unable to be at the requested place on the requested time.
Feel free to give us a notify in order to change this planning.

Yours sincerely, Bruce Jackson.

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