Makaio Kealoha's Armed Forces Application.

We are the most powerfull army on the entire island!
However, we are also the only army on the entire island.
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Makaio Kealoha's Armed Forces Application.

Post by Dawson » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:20 pm

Applicant Information:
-Full name: Makaio Kealoha
-Nationality: Tierra Robadan
-Gender (M/F): Male
-Date of birth: 05-05-1995
-Place of birth: Tierra Robada
-Phone Number: 242816606

Suitability Information:
-Can you communicate in multiple languages beside English?: -
-Are you in the ability to write and speak fluent English?: Yes.
-Have you got any education in your past? - If yes, which?: I've got an advanced military training and a special unit education in the army of San Andreas. Finished elementary school and secondary school in Los Santos. Also, I've got a basic military training at the San Andreas Professional Training organization.

-Tell us why you want to become an Armed Forces' member in at least 350 words:
Since the moment that I was born I've been dreaming of being a soldier. I've always been playing with toy-weapons in my childhood. And really lived towards the moment that I'm actually joining it. My parents were against the using of weapons and aggressive attitude towards other people. And totally disagreed with my thoughts. In my opinion they simply didn't get where the army was meant for, sometimes you'd need to use force in order to get peace. You can't stop a terrorist from shooting someone by saying that you'd love him. More likely he will shoot you before his actual target when you are going to say that to them.

Thus, I've been willing to be a soldier in the army since the moment that I was born. My parents were against this. This even made my decision stronger by the way. I'd not give up by the thoughts of someone else. I'd use them to get even more confidence. When I turned 12 years old I've left the elementary school and went to the secondary school. I went in a class with 15 other people. One of these other people went dreaming of being in the army for his entire life too. We've been talking a lot and made each other thoughts about the army even stronger. On the end of the secondary school we even went choosing the organization to get our professional training at together. He sadly wasn't accepted to the professional training to soldier. But I went, and really enjoyed it there. I personally didn't even found it a harsh training. That was finished, thus I've been joining the San Andreas Army. Here I've got an advanced training to soldier and even an education for the special unit.

I've been working in the San Andreas Army for five years, from my 18th until my 23rd. I heard about Tikibaye last year. I've seen a documentary about the island on television. And immediately thought: “That's where I want to live”. And just left the army in San Andreas in order to build my life here on the island. I loved my job in the army, and I worked all my life in order to get in it. Of course my reason of joining the army is all the effort that I did for my military education in the past. The fact that I've been in the army already before. And the fact that I'd just love being a soldier after all.

-Tell us a little bid about yourself below here in at least 150 words:
My name is Makaio Kealoha, I'm born on 05-05-1995 in Las Barancas, Tierra Robada. I'm born as a soldier and will always be a soldier. No matter the thoughts of other people about it. My parents went against military services due to the lots of aggression that a lot of these services uses. They didn't really understand the reason behind it all, and didn't respect my decision to become a soldier. Beside of this fact that they didn't want to accept it. They didn't take any impacting actions in order to make me change my decision. They did make my childhood harder than for the most peoples by failure to show love to me, due to my thoughts. But they didn't kick me out of the house or decided to remove contact with me. Deep from inside they loved me too much for that. But that simply wasn't shown to me in my childhood. In my youth, I couldn't understand this. But that kind of stuff happens, I couldn't change that anymore.

I came to the island because I'd love the climate and nature on Tikibaye. And I'd wish to join the army because that's been my dream since my childhood. Since I've got my passport accepted by the Tikibayean Government now. Nothing will stop me from actually joining it.

-Have you done any criminal activities in your past? - If yes, which ones?: I haven't.
-Have you ever received a ticket in your past? - If yes, for which reason?: I haven't.
-Have you ever been arrested in your past? - If yes, for which reason?: I haven't.

-Do you agree that you answered every question above true?: Yes.

Out of character information:
Timezone: (+1)
Firstname: Flynn
Current age: 20
In-Game level: 1
Do you speak basic English?: Yes
Have you ever been banned?: No
Have you ever been warned?: No
Do you have an alt-account?:
Flynn Dawson (level 5) / Salverio Marchegiano (level 6)

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Re: Makaio Kealoha's Armed Forces Application.

Post by MrVegas » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:19 pm

Application Accepted

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
We are pleased to announce you are now Pending Interview.

((Pm me on discord when you're ready to do the interview, and we'll get a time that fits us both))

General Johnny Vegas
Training And Recruitment Center
Tikibayè Armed Forces

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