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About our Island:

Tikibayé is a small island located about 2,400 kilometers away from the well known city Las Venturas.
It was discovered accidentally in 1822 by a man called Mauréass Ardeth who stranded his ship on the island.
Mauréass was the first man who ever walked on the island, but for the outside world the island stayed unknown.
Untill a couple of years before the death of Mauréass in 1896 none else knew about the existance of the island.
After the death of Mauréass the only other person on the world who knew about the island was his son Xaro Ardeth.
Mauréass has told his secret to Xaro because he wanted Xaro to create a small nation on the still unknown island.

A few years after the death of Mauréass, Xaro traveled to the island and started with exploring it.
He saw the possibility to make a economy for the island and started thinking about how to get this giant job done.
In 1912 he started after a lot of thinking with building the first building on the island, which was his own house.
He knew that the economy should have to be running on tourism in order to get enough power for a actual nation.
Therefore he invited his friends and family as first citizen on the island, and allowed them to build a house.
Now there were 18 houses on the island which was a good start, and the island was still unknown for the world.

Before releasing information Xaro had to make sure that his island shouldn’t get captured by other nations.
Therefore he decided to collect a huge amount of illegal weapons, which were stored in a room below his house.
After having a few houses, he made a pier on the already existing island beach to get tourist to the island.
Whenever the pier was finished in the year 1942, he announced the existance of the island to the world.

Now the golden times for the island started, none ever expected any new land to be discovered anymore.
Mainly because everyone tought that everything was on the map already, this fact was a good reason to take a view.
The first hunderds of tourists on the island sleeped in the houses of the 18 families that lived on the island.
But after a few weeks the tourism came with huge amounts, therefore Xaro decided to make a small island motel.
This island-motel was build in 1965 and does still exist as only Motel on Tikibayé.

A few thousants of tourists later in 1968 Xaro decided to stop leading the island and started electing a president.
The new president became Elijah Ayrton which was a very good friend of Xaro and lived about 10 years on Tikibayé.
Elijah wanted to make the island better, and therefore he decided to build roads, more houses and shipment docks.
These houses were all sold in a few weeks and these docks were used to get goods for the tourism and the citizen.
He decided to sell the rooms on the outside of the motel as houses, and invested the revenue of that in buildings.

These buildings were a Police Department, a shopping centre and the last houses to make the whole island optimized.
Even this revenue he invested, by in 1978 building a government HQ, a Hospital, a lighthouse and a small graveyard.
After all this, everything was pretty much going perfect, the citizen were happy and the tourist kept coming.
Also there haven’t been any other nations attacking the island, despite from the announcement to the world.
This kept going fine untill the year 1992, this was the last year of peace on the island.

San Andreas wanted to take the island over and sent a small part of their army in order to capture it.
Despite from the very long time of peace, president Elijah was prepared for this attack and sent his citizen away.
He and his friends decided to stay on the island in order to fight against the soldiers of the San Andreas Army.
Elijah and his friends switched off all electricity on the island to avoid making it to simple for soldiers to find it.
It took a few days before the San Andreas Army finally arrived on the island, but on 20-08-1992 the attack started.

Whenever the attack started, Elijah turned the electricity of the lighthouse on in order to dazzle the enemies.
Also they were standing on the lighthouse to avoid getting dazzled themselves and to see the enemies better.
A lot of soldiers of the San Andreas Army were killed by Elijah and his friends untill the last day of war.
San Andreas had enough of it and was dissapointed in their soldiers, however they understood the tactic.
They sent a Hydra to the island and dropped a bomb on the lighthouse, thereby it was damaged a lot.

Also Elijah and his friends who were on the lighthouse didn’t survive the bomb attack.
After the war, San Andreas lost interest in Tikibayé and decided to elect a new president.
It became a old citizen of Tikibayé called Flynn Dawson which left island before the war started.
Flynn decided to build a new lighthouse because the old one was not restoreable anymore to be used for it.
Also the old one became unusable because the island docks that Elijah built back in time blocked the sight of it.
The old lighthouse is now a monument which can be bought as house by someone that is willing to spend a fortune.

All previous citizen of the island were moved away because of the war, all houses and businesses are abandoned now.
Flynn is planning to recover the whole economy of the island and hopes for a good future after all.

Rest in piece:
President Maureáss Ardeth – 14-05-1896.
President Xaro Adeth – 18-02-1994.
President Elijah Ayrton – 18-02-1996.
Commandant Julius Markena – 18-02-1996.
Commandant Michael Lincoln – 04-02-1996.
Soldier Shikra Dromok – 21-08-1992.
Soldier Benjamin Bock – 30-08-1992.
Soldier Quan Melanos – 15-09-1992.
Soldier Ferda Mettani – 18-09-1992.
Soldier Howard Sikkels – 18-09-1992.
Soldier Helma Delman – 23-10-1992.
Soldier Duncan Melanos – 28-10-1992.
Soldier Damian Goodman – 28-12-1992.
Soldier Marko Buanös – 28-04-1993.
Soldier Daniel Camona – 28-05-1993.
Soldier Noah Deamanos – 30-07-1993.
Soldier Roan Delman – 03-08-1993.
Soldier Sam Goodman – 14-08-1993.
Soldier Dcardo Mjames – 18-09-1993.
Soldier Lorenzo Suarez – 22-09-1993.
Soldier Verman Keranen – 12-10-1993.
Soldier Damian Camona – 18-10-1993.
Soldier Siefran Hellman – 22-12-1993.
Soldier Heamaco Fyelana – 02-02-1994.
Soldier Omana Deamano – 02-04-1994.
Soldier Camion Grandula – 08-04-1994.
Soldier Matias Buanös – 22-04-1994.
Soldier Oeglah Mehama – 10-05-1994.
Soldier George Tynako – 16-05-1994.
Soldier Dajum Vielman – 18-05-1994.
Soldier Damian Richman – 05-06-1994.
Soldier Verman Mjames – 09-06-1994.
Soldier George Goodman – 09-06-1994.
Soldier Duncan Grandula – 18-06-1994.
Soldier Helma Hellman – 23-06-1994.
Soldier Francisco Cull – 02-07-1994.
Soldier George Francis – 08-07-1994.
Soldier Lorenzo Mjames – 12-09-1994.
Soldier Ryan Mehamo – 28-09-1994.
Soldier Williard Demoin – 26-10-1994.
Soldier Sammy Richman – 11-11-1994.
Soldier Alejandro Cull – 11-11-1994.
Soldier Damian Ryana – 28-11-1994.
Soldier Ohmah Grandula – 12-12-1994.
Soldier Francisco Frankson – 02-01-1995.
Soldier Ferdinand Cull – 08-01-1995.
Soldier Tyrone Georgia – 24-01-1995.
Soldier Camiona Mekana – 28-01-1995.
Soldier Xanda Mehanos – 12-02-1995.
Soldier Alex Merdana – 18-02-1995.
Soldier Tyrone Ryana – 29-02-1995.
Soldier Alex Cull – 22-03-1995.
Soldier Williard Franka – 22-03-1995.
Soldier Ryan Mehama – 28-04-1995.
Soldier Meria Hellman – 28-04-1995.
Soldier Szaho Ekalam – 03-07-1995.
Soldier Yuma Verdana – 08-07-1995.
Soldier George Yamaha – 22-07-1995.
Soldier Guan Carlos – 05-08-1995.
Soldier Tim Hoffman – 05-08-1995.
Soldier Huma Deyama – 25-09-1995.
Soldier George Hoffman – 28-09-1995.
Soldier Tyrone Hoffman – 03-10-1995.
Soldier Quann Mehama – 08-10-1995.
Soldier Alex Hoffman – 22-10-1995.
Soldier Djamir Virhama – 28-10-1995.
Soldier Francisco Gayam – 12-12-1995.
Soldier Guan Delico – 23-12-1995.
Soldier Camaya Vyhardo – 28-12-1995.
Soldier Demja Qualantox – 05-01-1996.
Soldier Gruhman Virhama – 12-01-1996.
Soldier Howma Francisco – 27-01-1996.
Soldier Frank Hoffman – 04-02-1996.
Citizen Sam Hoffman – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Antonio Suarez – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Hendrico Suarez – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Damian Ardeth – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Guann Ardeth – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Manuel Ardeth – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Roan Ardeth – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Sammy Ardeth – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Danilo Casanova – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Francisco Richman – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Alessandro Yucca – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Karel Klaasen – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Chester Bennington – 18-02-1996.
Citizen David Brown – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Alex Brown – 18-02-1996.
Citizen Herman Bakker – 18-02-1996.


President Flynn Dawson – 01-01-2018.